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Purpose is the driving force that takes us from average to remarkable, and it is within each of us. Why is it so hard to find in the workplace? Join me as we flip corporate perspectives while empowering individual purpose, together. This is Purpose Empowered, with Eric Ayers

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Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

What does Leadership look like? Join Kyle and me as we discuss Empathic Leadership, Human-centric Sales and so much more. This is how we change humanity, one conversation at a time!

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

We are all introduced with opportunities in our life that generate momentum in one direction or another. How can we use these catalystic moments as a means to create, as a “self fulfilling prophecy” identification, as fuel to build the life we want?

Tuesday May 31, 2022

 In this episode, we talk to Denise Morrison, who seeks to better humanity by offering balance in everything we do- movement, thoughts, beliefs, actions, decisions, etc., which was recognized when her grandmother fractured her hip, moving countries, NLP, finding love, and so much more!

Tuesday May 17, 2022

 Miriam dives into the topics of success through utilizing our brainwaves to generate success by balancing life and technology, and so much more! Exciting and energetic conversation!

Monday May 09, 2022

 What if we were given the space, the environment and the support to try new things, to learn new skills, to engage in our curiosity? Simple answer, we would thrive!  This is the toddler approach. By utilizing our senses and by experiencing the world, we are able to expand, to grow and to become who we need to become. Let's explore the world, together!  

Monday May 02, 2022

 What happens when you fill an environment with good people looking out for another? Character repeated again and again, changing behavior, thereby shifting culture.

Monday Apr 25, 2022

 I think we all have super powers, or at least one ability that we seem to be able to do greater than the average. My next guest, Jennifer Ayers, has the innate ability to identify another's internal light switch and offers permission to turn it on. Join us as we navigate parenting and leadership, the importance of perspective shifts, and other topics as we reveal a little bit of our story along the way. "...what you look for in life, you will find" - Jennifer Ayers

Monday Apr 18, 2022

 What happens when we are given the space to explore life for ourselves? Let's find out!


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